Planning Guide

Free Personal Funeral Planning Guide

Many people choose to make a record of their funeral wishes in advance of their need. This is why we have put together a free“Personal Funeral Planning Guide” for the families we serve.

You may choose to fill out the information section of the guide and keep it with you or you may choose to have us keep the information at the funeral home. Either way, by making your final wishes known you will be sure to have them carried out in the way you desire.

Some funeral homes choose to use door to door sales people to market their pre-arranged funeral plans. We do not. We feel that when you are ready to discuss this very personal subject that you will contact us, not the other way around.

In 2008 Morton Chapel established its own trust, so if you decide to prepay for your final arrangements, 100% of your money is deposited in the trust where it remains until the time of need arises. Your money is always safe and protected.

You can stop by and pick up one of our new “Personal Funeral Planning Guides” or call us at either of our chapel locations or email us and we would be happy to mail one out to you.
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Chamois Chapel~
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